My Keto Plan is a challenging but powerful, results-driven plan. It works, but only if you’re willing to learn and adapt to this unique program.

You wouldn’t be here if your existing diet worked. Think about your dieting history. What foods do you choose now? Are you getting results with those choices or are you frustrated because your scale won’t budge? Does it feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works? We know that feeling, and we’ve witnessed it many times.

Ketogenic diets are powerful, but sensitive. Small changes mean the difference between success and failure. My Keto Plan will teach you how to make those small but critical changes. It’s not a recipe or meal menu book. My Keto Plan shows you how to plan ketogenic meals for your individual metabolism and food preferences.

My Keto Plan relies on a limited food list, and you have to be able to work within those limitations. In other words, it forces you to eat the right foods in the right amounts. By the time you finish three weeks on the program, you’ll be an expert at planning balanced, healthy ketogenic meals.

It’s not easy, but it works. However, we also know it’s not for everyone. Clients who have succeeded on this program have the following in common:

They were serious about losing their extra weight or reaching a health goal (i.e., normal blood sugar).
They were willing to work and willing to learn. They didn’t waste time making excuses or trying to get around the plan.
They weren’t afraid to give up old habits and create new ones.
They were willing to use a food scale and weigh out foods in raw form.
They were willing to prepare and cook the meals they planned with My Keto Plan.
They didn’t mind repeating meals if it made it easier to stay on plan.
They were willing to read the provided guides to avoid mistakes and prepare for common challenges.
They were willing to succeed—no matter what.
If you’re not up for the challenge, we understand and advise you not to sign up for My Keto Plan. You have our wishes for success in whatever path you choose.

If you’re willing to work with the plan and follow it faithfully, you will see real, measurable results—guaranteed.